Wilderness Living

The concept of wilderness living is centered around giving up on the rat race of modern civilization and reverting back to a lifestyle that is in greater accord with nature. While it is possible to successfully live in the wild, those who choose to do so must thoroughly prepare themselves by learning the basic skills needed for it. Skills such as making a fire, finding edible plant life, and building a shelter need to be mastered before making any attempt at living within nature.

Wilderness Living Requires the Ability to Make Fire

When trying to survive in the wild, one of the most useful skills is knowing how to make a fire, since it provides both heat and a cooking source. When building a friction fire, the first thing you need to do is gather a pile of dry leaves, twigs, and any other flammable materials that can be gathered. Since the friction process produces a coal rather than the actual fire, it is important to have this set up so the coal has a chance to ignite it before it burns out.

The fiction-creating tool is essentially a bow with a small stick that is wrapped around the string and, when rubbed, creates friction. If no actual bow is handy, the bow can be made from a stick approximately 18 inches long, then tying string to each end.

The next step is to wrap the smaller stick around the string until it is as taut as possible. Then you must dig the smaller stick into the ground in a way that allows you to be able to maneuver the bow. The next step is to furiously move the bow back and forth, which rubs the tight string against the smaller stick, eventually creating enough friction to produce the coal.

Once the coal is produced, get it in the original pile of debris as quick as possible, and begin blowing on it (feeding it oxygen) to get it to catch fire. Once the coal is alight, start adding more debris onto it and there will be a raging fire in no time.

Wilderness Living Requires a Natural Approach to Gathering Food

Depending on the tools available, food can either be gathered from hunting game or from edible plants. While hunting produces the most food, it also requires supplies like guns and ammo that might not be available. Also, hunting takes a lot of skill and training with a gun to be successful (not to mention the knowledge necessary to skin and prepare fresh game).

For the beginner whom is just getting into wilderness living, the easiest way to gather food is to know which plants in the surrounding area are edible. There are hundreds of species of poisonous and edible berries, so it is important to know which ones are native to your surrounding area. From there it is essential to be able to tell the difference between an edible plant and a poisonous one. The best thing to do is to pack a book or chart that lists the types of edible berries or plants in the immediate surroundings.

Wilderness living can be a simple and relaxing alternative to the complex and stressful lifestyle of modern technology. It is important; however, to master basic skills to ensure survival while living in the wild.