How to Live Off the Grid?

In today’s society, most people constantly find themselves stressed by mounting phone, cable, and electricity bills. Consequently, there is a growing movement of people adapting

Living in the Wilderness

With the constant pressure to earn more money in the rat race of today’s society, many people get overwhelmed and often fantasize about abandoning society

Wilderness Life

Beyond the borders of the economically developed fast-paced world, wilderness living is still thriving in many parts of the world. What does the wilderness life mean?

Wilderness Living

The concept of wilderness living is centered around giving up on the rat race of modern civilization and reverting back to a lifestyle that is

Survival Hunting Skills

While today most people see hunting as a past time or a sport during hunting season, in the past survival hunter skills were essential for

5 Survival Myths

As more and more people become interested in being prepared for long and short-term emergencies, the quantity of survival information seems to multiply. However, we

Will America Survive?

With its dependence on an ever-decreasing supply of oil, coal, and natural gas, America will eventually come to a crossroads where such supplies are too

Disaster Preparedness for Dogs

We have three dogs in our home. They’re one layer of our home’s security system and they keep small animals away from the house and

How to Survive?

While it was essential for people to have basic survival skills in the past, in today’s modern and developed world fewer and fewer people are