Living in the Wilderness

With the constant pressure to earn more money in the rat race of today’s society, many people get overwhelmed and often fantasize about abandoning society and living in the wilderness. While such as lifestyle can be quite liberating, it is important to be well-trained and well prepared. Those planning a wilderness life should have a well-thought-out plan in place before abandoning the comforts of society – a society which is often all they know.

Useful Skills for Living in the Wilderness

Although living in the wilderness may be a pipe dream for many people, the reality is that few people are aware of the abilities and skills such an adjustment requires. One of the primary abilities needed for wilderness living is the ability to gather food. Hunting and fishing are two very important abilities when it comes to gathering food naturally, so, before choosing the wilderness over the modern world, it is important to master basic hunting and fishing skills.

Furthermore, those planning to live in the wild should also be educated on the plant life native to their area. It is important to be able to recognize the difference between poisonous and edible berries, as these can be used for sustenance when live food cannot be caught.

Another skill that is absolutely essential for wilderness living is the ability to make fire. By knowing how to naturally produce fire, you will be able to cook any meat or fish that you catch. Fire can also be used as a source of heat for areas that get cold at night. The Internet contains hundreds of videos of survival experts starting fires of all sizes in all environments.