Island Survival Guide

Do you think you have what it takes to survive on island with virtually no supplies? The survival instincts embedded in our DNA, the instincts that kept generations of people alive before any modern tools were even conceptualized. You never know when you might need the island survival strategies, the odds of you needing them are slim – but they are there. If you are one of the people who are better safe than sorry, then you will benefit from the survival skills discussed here. Also, you should know that these basic survival strategies can be used in situations other than being stuck on a deserted island.

Island Survival and a Positive Mindset

The most important island survival skill is positive mindset. The first thing you should do when you realize that you are in a sticky situation is to show self-control and not panic. In a kind of situation when you would need island survival skills you need to stay focused and quick on your feet. First of all, you need to look for any usable tools or supplies, whether you arrived there by a crashed plane, a boat, or a raft. Basically, you need to quickly collect all of the potentially useful materials such as pieces of clothing, cloths, and food or utensils, anything that is sharp enough to use for cutting, even some broken electronics as well. Thus, you will assemble your island survival kit and you will have to try and make the most of what you have.

Preparation before you go on a potentially dangerous trip could help you immensely in your island survival strategy. For example, learning basic first aid techniques could save your life or the life of somebody else who has suffered an accident with you.

Also, it will help you immensely in any kind of survival situation! Another thing you could do as an island survival strategy is to simply pack a pocket knife when you can, or carry some other useful tool in your traveling bag just for safe measure. Those simple tools will be very helpful if you are ever is the situation to need island survival skills.

Combine Your Island Survival Skills

If you have some companions on the island, then surviving it is easier to manage. If you are with a group of people, then you should get organized in order to increase your chances of island survivor. You will be able to protect yourselves better, collect more supplies, and combine your survival skills. Solidarity and a common effort can increase all of your chances of island survivor.

All of you should get organized and assign roles. In this type of situation people will be agitated, panicky and emotional, but you must avoid conflicts and stick together. The chances of island survival increase the more people are together, but it also depends on how much the people will work together. Together, you could also decide how to get off the island and make a raft together. If a search party has not found you within 3 weeks, then you should apply your island survival skills by building a raft yourselves.