Amazing Survival Stories

Every year thousands of people fall victim to nature’s fury by losing their lives from its forces; whether it be in the wilderness or from natural disasters. When facing the brutal forces of nature, man often has little hope for survival. However, some people do defy the odds and live to tell their tale.

Amazing Survival Stories – The Story of Paul Templer

Accidents happen, and when they happen in nature they tend to be deadly; even those who are trained experts. One of the most amazing survival stories is that of Paul Templer. After years of serving in the British army and traveling to the most dangerous parts of the world, Paul accepted a job as a river tour guide in Zimbabwe. While on a standard tour down the Zambezi river, the tour boat was attacked by an aggressive bull hippo.

Disaster struck when one of Paul’s colleagues was knocked into the water. Paul jumped in to save him and succeeded, but he himself was not so lucky. The bull hippo managed to reach him and drag him underwater. Miraculously, Paul managed to free himself and get back to the surface. Although Paul came out of the situation greatly mangled, after several hours of surgery the only loss he suffered was a severed arm – a small price for defying the odds and coming away with his life.

Amazing Survival Stories – The Story of Juliane Koepcke

The story of Juliane Koepcke is one of the most astounding survival stories to date. In 1971, a 17 year old Juliane was the only survivor of LANSA flight 508, which crashed over the Peruvian rain forest.

What makes Juliane’s story so amazing is that not only did she survive the actual crash, but she survived a nine-day trek to the cabin in which she was eventually rescued.

Juliane’s story showed that through perseverance and pure will to live, humans can sometimes defy the odds and survive in unlikely circumstances.

Another one of the most amazing survival stories involving a plane crash is that of Uruguayan Air Force flight 571. On a cloudy day in 1972, the flight carrying a Uruguayan rugby team crashed into a mountaintop, killing over half of the passengers on impact. 24 members survived the initial crash, but on the 17th day eight more members died from an avalanche. Eventually, the 16 remaining members were rescued after surviving for ten weeks in the harsh Andes conditions.

What makes this story so amazing is that the surviving members resorted to eating the flesh of their dead teammates in order to survive. To be driven to cannibalism shows an extreme will to live, which is the main reason why these 16 rugby players defied the odds and survived extreme conditions.

Despite the sheer number of deaths that occur every year due to nature’s wrath, there are always a large number of amazing survival stories to raise one’s spirits. The stories of Paul Templer, Juliane Koepcke, and the Andes Rugby team show that with extreme will to live, it is possible to defy expectations and survive even the most unenviable of conditions.