How To Survive A Heart Attack

heart attack

Do you know that a heart attack is one of the leading causes of death globally? Studies have shown that cardiovascular diseases are responsible for taking 17.9 million lives annually. Every year about 790,000 people have a heart attack in the United States. With such a considerable number, chances are most likely that you might […]

How To Survive a Tornado: Tips and Survival Kits

how to survive tornado

Tornadoes are vertical funnels of quickly spinning air. Their winds may surpass 250 miles an hour and clear a pathway a mile broad and 50 miles long. Also known as twisters, tornadoes are born in thunderstorms and are often followed by hail. Huge, persistent thunderstorms called supercells spawn the most destructive tornadoes. These violent storms […]

Hurricane Survival Guide: All You Need To Know

hurricane formed

Hurricanes can destroy lives as well as damage property. Being prepared for it can help minimize the impact.  What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that can cause torrential rains, high winds, storm surges, and flooding for two weeks or more over open water. Fundamentally determined by its wind speeds, a hurricane […]