Island Survival Guide

What would you do if you got stranded on an uninhabited island? Do you think you have what it takes to survive with virtually no supplies?  Some superstitious people may say that addressing such questions will jinx a trip involving flying over oceans or sailing in the great seas. Nonetheless, it is better to be […]

How to Build A Survival Raft?

If you are an adventurous person, and you are planning a water adventure in the near future, than it might be useful for you to understand the basics of building a survival raft. Although the stories about a person that needs to build a raft from scratch are mostly movie materials that does not mean that […]

Amazing Survival Stories

Every year thousands of people fall victim to nature’s fury by losing their lives from its forces; whether it be in the wilderness or from natural disasters. When facing the brutal forces of nature, man often has little hope for survival. However, some people do defy the odds and live to tell their tale. Amazing […]

Survival Trailer: Tips On Things To Inlcude

With the constantly rising rent and energy prices, many people are struggling to maintain their standard of living. Some people get so fed up that they abandon modern society in favor of a life off the grid. By living in a survival trailer, the simplification of today’s living standards gets rid of any monetary concerns. […]

How to Live Off the Grid?

In today’s society, most people constantly find themselves stressed by mounting phone, cable, and electricity bills. Consequently, there is a growing movement of people adapting the alternative, eco-friendly lifestyle of living off the grid. When people say they live off the grid, what they mean is that they live a completely self-sustaining life by using […]

Living in the Wilderness

With the constant pressure to earn more money in the rat race of today’s society, many people get overwhelmed and often fantasize about abandoning society and living in the wilderness. While such as lifestyle can be quite liberating, it is important to be well-trained and well prepared. Those planning a wilderness life should have a […]

Wilderness Life

Beyond the borders of the economically developed fast-paced world, wilderness living is still thriving in many parts of the world. What does the wilderness life mean? It means finding or growing your own food, living alone or almost alone, having your living space away from a community, and basically making a home within nature, not within […]

Wilderness Living

The concept of wilderness living is centered around giving up on the rat race of modern civilization and reverting back to a lifestyle that is in greater accord with nature. While it is possible to successfully live in the wild, those who choose to do so must thoroughly prepare themselves by learning the basic skills […]

Survival Hunting Skills

While today most people see hunting as a past time or a sport during hunting season, in the past survival hunter skills were essential for any human, especially for the men (women are believed to have had the role of gatherers of fruits, herbs, and berries). Learning survival skills even influenced the way men see […]

5 Survival Myths

As more and more people become interested in being prepared for long and short-term emergencies, the quantity of survival information seems to multiply. However, we all know not to believe everything we read on the Internet or watch on TV – right? When it comes to planning for life-or-death situations, it pays to be discerning […]