Night-time Navigation: Top 8 Tips

Night Navigation

Night-time navigation is making your way through a landscape at night. Though it’s irresponsible and dangerous to hike at night, sometimes medical emergencies and the adventure-seeking itch forces one to do so.  Problems faced in night-time navigation The techniques involved in night-time navigation are the same as daytime navigation. However, due to the following factors, […]

Backpacking Skills: 12 Tips And Tricks For a Near Perfect Trip

backpacking tips

Backpacking is for the physically fit and active. A simple, beginner’s trail may take a couple of hours to complete, whereas more challenging trails could take up to 18 hours from start to end. Thus, this form of outdoor activity requires a certain level of skills, survival instincts, experience and practice. Above all, detailed preparations […]

What Are Navigational Skills and Why Are They Important?

Navigation is a niche of study wherein one controls and monitors vehicles, ships, or crafts movements from one place to another.  It can be categorized into 4 types, namely marine navigation, land navigation, aeronautical navigation, and space navigation. Navigational skills are the techniques that determine the direction and position of a vehicle when navigating. What […]

How to Survive a Snake Bite?

survive snake bite

People instinctively panic after being bitten by a snake. But did you know that remaining as calm and as still as possible could actually save your life? This article will explain why staying calm and motionless is crucial in the first few moments after a snakebite. Additionally, it will also describe some pertinent dos and […]

How to Survive Hypothermia?

survive hypothermia

Hypothermia is a medical emergency, where every second counts to save a life.   This article aims to shed some light on the causes and risk factors of hypothermia, before looking at how to treat the symptoms while waiting for medical help to arrive. It concludes with what can be done after hypothermia. What is hypothermia? […]

7 Types Of Campfires And How To Use Them


Check out our list of seven important types of campfires and how and when to use them.  Lean-to fire This particular type of design is best suited for windy days. Start by looking for a medium-sized tree log and place it where you want to start your campfire. The log should be arranged horizontally, facing […]

Different Techniques to Build a Fire

fire building techniques

You can start a fire with batteries, magnifying glasses, natural materials like flint rock, sticks, and chemicals. Of course, the simplest way to start a fire is with tools like matches or a lighter. But there are other techniques too. Check them out here: 1. Fire piston A fire piston consists of two parts. The […]

Fire Building Tips For Backpackers: What You Need to Know

build a fire

Fire is a chemical response when specific circumstances are met. When heat, fuel, and oxygen are mixed, fire is produced. This happens because of combustion. Before starting a fire, specific safety measures must be taken into consideration. Whether you choose to build your fire in the woods, on a campground, or in your backyard, different […]

Flood Survival Guide: Everything You Need To Know

flood survival guide

Do you know that unlike more geographically localized natural disasters like wildfires, tornadoes,k2 rf and hurricanes, flooding can happen almost anywhere, and the effect can be devastating if you are unprepared? Every year floods cause massive damage across the world. Floods accounted for 12% of all the deaths due to natural disasters in the last […]

How To Survive A Heart Attack

heart attack

Do you know that a heart attack is one of the leading causes of death globally? Studies have shown that cardiovascular diseases are responsible for taking 17.9 million lives annually. Every year about 790,000 people have a heart attack in the United States. With such a considerable number, chances are most likely that you might […]