Best Survival Gear For The Mobile Survivor In 2021

Outdoor Lighter

The market is filled with an almost endless list of survival gear. Not everything is necessary, especially for a mobile survivor, whose carrying space and weight is limited. The variety of options out there can also be confusing and make one buy more than is required. That is why we have picked out the best […]

Survival food kit: Understanding The Different Types

survival food

A survival food kit isn’t meant for just doomsdays. It can provide a lifeline during emergencies such as riots, pandemics, snowstorms and hurricanes. Some hikers who go deep into the wilderness also make use of a survival food kit. But with the proliferation of products for the doomsday prepper market, it can get a little […]

How To Sharpen A Pocket Knife With Different Objects

sharpen a knife

One of the important survival skills is knowing how to maintain your gear. Among the many survival gear available, the knife is one of the key tools that can determine life or death. It can be used to create shelter, hunt, prepare food, offer protection and do a whole lot of other things. The best […]

Stranded At Sea: The Survival Skills You Need To Be Prepared With

Many unfortunate scenarios can cause someone to be stranded at sea. Whatever it may be, knowing how to survive such a situation can mean life or death. Of course, nobody wants to be lost at sea or even think of it as a possibility. Yet it can happen to anyone when they least expect it. […]

How To Tell If A Mushroom Is Poisonous?

poison mushrooms

About 14,000 different mushroom species have been catalogued worldwide. Some of them are edible while some are not.  Many inedible, poisonous mushrooms look similar to the edible ones and because of this, thousands of people suffer mushroom poisoning each year.  According to the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, there were 83,140 possible cases from 2001 to […]

Snowstorm: How to Prepare For It and Survive

snow storm

Unprecedented snowstorms unexpectedly hit America in early 2021 and are still causing chaos in a number of states across the country. A rising number of people are dying and millions are severely affected. These snowstorms were totally unexpected, giving residents of the affected states an unpleasant surprise. This goes to show that one can never […]

21 Poisonous Berries in North America and How To Identify Them


It’s almost a romantic notion among some amateur hikers to forage wild berries as they trek through the North American wilderness. This notion quickly goes awry when they pop in the wrong berries. Not all wild berries are safe for human consumption. That’s why the assumption ‘if that bird can eat it, so can I’ […]

How to get out of Quicksand?


When you are hiking, getting trapped and sinking in quicksand could be a problem you may face. However, it is not as dangerous as we see in the movies. This article will let you know all about quicksand and how to get out of it. What is Quicksand? Quicksand is generally misunderstood as it’s not […]

How to Prepare for Tornado Season

Tornados are the most common in areas with vast stretches of flat land. In the United States, tornado warnings are often raised between March and May but there have been tornadoes occuring well into December. The odds of being in the direct path of a tornado are low compared to the odds of being impacted […]

Contour Lines: Types and Importance in Navigation

contour lines

Invented in the late 18th century, contour lines are the curves on the map that join the points situated on the same altitude, above the sea level. It also shows you the topographical features like heights, depths and slopes of the area during navigation. Types of contour lines used in navigation There are few distinct […]