How to Preparedness 

Disaster Preparedness for the Dog

We have three dogs in our home. They’re one layer of our home’s security system and they keep small animals away from the house and garden. Most importantly, they’re my eyes and ears when I’m outside, night or day.  They need to be prepared for the same emergencies that the rest of us face and, like it or not, you may be the only veterinarian that your dog will have if a disaster occurs since your local vet may have their own set of problems to deal with.Fortunately, dogs lead…

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Food and Water How to 

Potable Water During a Power Outage

“Honey, the lights won’t turn on.” That’s how it starts, or rather, that’s the first time the reality of the event hits home. The lack of power is an annoyance; and then the veracity of its permanence sets in. The first day, you habitually hit the light switch and curse, because it’s the fifth time that hour you’ve tried to turn on the lights, even though you know the power’s off. After two days, your freezer melts; your meat begins to thaw. One week in, you begin to think that…

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Emergency Sanitation & How to Treat Water

All information in this post obtained from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) More often than not, water supplies are contaminated during a disaster. This poses a problem for not only drinking purposes, but also for safe and adequate hygiene and sanitation purposes as well. Water must be sanitized to be safe and free from contaminants that could cause illness and even death. To treat water, follow these steps: 1. Filter the water using a piece of cloth or coffee filter to remove solid particles. 2. Bring it to a rolling…

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