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A Frugal Guide to Freeze Dried Food Storage

As an advanced prepper, you know that freeze-dried foods can play an important role in providing high quality shelf-stable meals to sustain you and your family in an emergency. Fortunately, the quality and selection of commercially available freeze-dried products for food storage has dramatically improved over the last few years. However, some of these products can be pricey, and given that you’re looking at purchasing food items designed to last for decades, you need to shop wisely to make sure that you meet your needs—without breaking your budget. Here are…

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Food and Water 

Preserving Summer Squash and Saving Seeds

During Summer of the year the summer squash is starting to produce. We usually get more squash than we need with just a handful of plants in our garden. In real good years we often find squash sitting by our back door when we come home, dropped off there by our friends and neighbors that end up with too much to handle from their gardens. I really hate to waste the food that we’ve been blessed with so preserving the excess has been an interest of ours since the first…

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Food and Water How to 

Potable Water During a Power Outage

“Honey, the lights won’t turn on.” That’s how it starts, or rather, that’s the first time the reality of the event hits home. The lack of power is an annoyance; and then the veracity of its permanence sets in. The first day, you habitually hit the light switch and curse, because it’s the fifth time that hour you’ve tried to turn on the lights, even though you know the power’s off. After two days, your freezer melts; your meat begins to thaw. One week in, you begin to think that…

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Emergency Sanitation & How to Treat Water

All information in this post obtained from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) More often than not, water supplies are contaminated during a disaster. This poses a problem for not only drinking purposes, but also for safe and adequate hygiene and sanitation purposes as well. Water must be sanitized to be safe and free from contaminants that could cause illness and even death. To treat water, follow these steps: 1. Filter the water using a piece of cloth or coffee filter to remove solid particles. 2. Bring it to a rolling…

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